LaDIS Home

LaDIS is the Learning and Development Information System.

Getting Started

  • Using the LaDIS Home Menu on the left of the screen you will find the Internal Users and External Users tab. When you finish reading the information below navigate to the tab that applies to you.
  • Internal Users: DELWP, Parks Victoria, VicForest, Melbourne Water, DEDJTR
  • External Users: All other users, including contractors, dozer operators, etc.
  • On these pages you will be able to find all the Quick Reference Guides with detailed steps to get you started, as well as the Login portal on the right of the page. Ensure you read through the guides before creating your account & attempting to enrol in a course to make sure you have all the information you need before you begin.
LaDIS Tips:
  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser, you may need to contact your local IT to assist installing Google Chrome on your computer, allow pop-ups in your browser.
  • If you are having issues logging in clear your cache, cookies in your browser.
  • We highly recommend that all online training is completed on a Desktop PC or Laptop not on mobile phones or tablets.
  • When submitting BWA results ensure that you are following this guide:How to Submit BWA Results

If you're having issues please visit the Need Help? page for common issues and their solutions, you will also find the link to raise a ticket with FFM Support if you're not able to find a resolution to the issue.